"Anne is a very special person and a magical teacher. The world is lucky to have her." - Jill K., Austin

“A practical, warm-hearted practitioner.”

"My recovery journey has been so much easier in Anne's skilled care. She is a practical, warm-hearted practitioner with an extraordinary healing capacity. I cannot imagine anybody who wouldn't benefit from her care."

— Lizzie Rae Rose

I really can see a difference from my acupuncture facials! It looks like my cheeks have been lifted.
— CW, San Francisco

“A deeply knowledgeable, nurturing, yoga teacher.”

"Anne is the skilled, deeply knowledgeable, nurturing yoga teacher you didn't know you needed. Her energetic style will have you flowing between spiritual and athletically challenging poses and states-of-mind seamlessly, all while having a huge smile on your face from her sense of humor. I am somewhat of a beginner, having been in practice for just about a year. Anne gave me the perfect adjustments for my level, and even helped me get into full wheel and (almost) into crow for the first time!! I didn't think that was possible for me, and I'm so excited for my next class with her and the new level it will take me to"".

— DD, San Francisco

My skin definitely feels more tighter and plump. I love Anne’s acupuncture facials!
— ME, San Francisco

“Anne plays the game of teaching with her whole heart and soul”

"Anne is totally delightful. It would be an understatement to call her one of my favorite yoga teachers ever. Every class is complete in the fullest sense of that word. She starts with gentle warm ups for mind and body, easing us into class. She always challenges my practice with intense poses, mental exercises, and breath awareness. Anne tells stories, she laughs, she pushes, she gently adjusts. Anne plays the game of teaching with her whole heart and soul".

— Peter Kirby, Austin

"I am strong enough to overcome challenges"

"It was the first time I had Anne as a yoga teacher, and I REALLY enjoyed it! The sequence of postures and use of props was great. However, it was HER who really made it so enjoyable. Anne has a really sunny disposition and is just wonderful to learn yoga from. She gave me a couple adjustments, and the way she did them was encouraging and comforting. Yoga reminds me that I am strong enough to overcome challenges: physical, but especially challenges that are emotional, the kind everyone faces outside the yoga studio in their day to day lives. So, thank you for being such an amazing deliver-er of this empowering gift".

-Makenna Hatter, Austin

“She truly is a special healer“

"Anne encompasses a wealth of knowledge ranging from diet and nutrition, mental and lifestyle wellness, to women's health and fitness. Paired with the warmth of her big heart and compassion, she truly is a special healer. I am lucky to have received treatments from her as we've made some very deep connections over the years."

—Tim Tran, San Francisco

I feel like I am floating in a canoe in the cosmos.

“Not only does my skin look and feel more healthy, smooth, and even but during the acupuncture facials I feel like I am floating in a canoe in the cosmos. I really like these treatments!”

— KW, San Francisco

“My favorite yoga classes!”

"I search far and wide for a good yoga class and it's hard to come by. Anne's yoga classes are my favorite yoga classes! She has an innate ability to connect fun, yoga knowledge, injury rehab and nourishment all in one. I feel strong, energized and cared for when I leave the mat". 

— Lauren Kaneko-Jones, Acupuncturist, San Francisco

“My aura has a GLOW”

"Anne is an awesome individual and a gifted yoga instructor.  She approaches her classes with an incredible upbeat attitude and infectious smile, it is difficult to be down or distracted in her class.  Anne is very caring and hands-on, taking time to make sure individual students are doing the postures correctly to the best of their ability.  You will never feel out of place in her class irrespective of your level, she always offers and demonstrates various levels of poses. What I appreciate most about Anne is her ability to connect with the students and clearly articulate both the mental and physical benefits of the poses. You will always leave her class feeling better in some way.  Personally from taking her class for the last six months, I am physically stronger and my aura has a GLOW!”

— Waverly, Austin

“Improve the quality of your life”

"I booked an hour with Anne to learn yoga positions to help me with a more restful sleep and to eliminate leg cramps that interrupted that sleep. I now have a routine of stretch positions just before bedtime and as a bonus, a soak + salt bath blend that heals the sore muscles and is so relaxing. Everyone should sign up for time with Anne. It will improve the quality of your life".

— D.R., Austin

"Third Eye Pillow is one of my most favorite things"

"Anne's Third Eye Pillow is one of my most favorite things about bed time and I misplaced mine during a move. I just ordered TWO because I gotta be equipped with backup for when I have friends over for scalp massages and long resting mediations! Ahhhh so excited for bedtime".

-Regina Felice Garcia, Phoenix